A Complete Index to ProfileSync Resources

How many resources do we have when to comes to ProfileSync? Pretty much all the resources are listed below.

You have data over here, and more data over there. If only there was some way to keep that data in sync ....
What is ProfileSync?
Historically, data integrations have been a real problem. But that was then, and this is now.
Why Do We Need Data Integrations?
If you don't care about a
unified view of your data, then maybe you don't need one.
How Does ProfileSync Work?
OK, so that's what ProfileSync does. But how does it do
all that?
About the Dead-Letter Queue
Because the best-laid plans of mice and men ....
Setting Up and Configuring ProfileSync
Things to think about before you implement ProfileSync.
Example: Integrating ProfileSync with Salesforce
A detailed example of how to set up a ProfileSync data integration.
Appendix A: ProfileSync Technical Capabilities
For those of you who like the nitty-gritty technical details.
Appendix B: Webhook Notifications
The anatomy of a webhook notification.
Appendix C: Private Keys
What's a ProfileSync access token, and how do you reference one?
Setting Up and Configuring ProfileSync
Setting Up and Configuring ProfileSync
Setting up -- and testing -- ProfileSync and your ProfileSync connection.
Establishing Data Governance
What data do you need? And what data don't you need?
Providing API Documentation
So how do you connect to your backend platform?
Establishing Webhooks
Questions you need to ask -- and answer -- before you begin.
Establishing Data Mapping
Making sure that the user's familyName attribute will be copied to the right place.
Configuring Your Target API and Akamai Application
This shouldn't take long, but it's a very important step.
Validating and Verifying Data Throttling
Are you ready for all the data ProfileSync will send your way?
Configuring the Connection
An HTTP request? An Amazon Web Services S3 bucket? An sFTP server? A ....
Testing the Setup Using Sample Data
Like they say, practice makes perfect.
Preparing for Change Control
Things change, and, on occasion, you'll need to let ProfileSync know about that.
Establishing a Monitoring Procedure
How to make sure that things are working the way they're supposed to be working.
Establishing a Procedure for Handling the Dead-Letter Queue
What to do if ProfileSync can't connect to your third-party platform?
Example: Integrating ProfileSync with Salesforce
Example: Integrating ProfileSync with Salesforce
Need to connect ProfileSync to Salesforce? Then you just might want to click here.
Preparing Salesforce to Integrate with ProfileSync
Most of ProfileSync's work will be done for you. But not all of it will be.
Creating a Salesforce Connected App
You'll need a Salesforce connected app. Here's what
that means.
Updating the Salesforce Schema
Modifying the Contact object to enable it to sync with an Akamai user profile.
Preparing Your Application to Work with Salesforce
After modifying Salesforce, you'll need to make a pair of minor changes to Akamai.
Creating an API Client
It's recommended that you create an API client
specifically for your ProfileSync-to-Salesforce integration. Here's how you do that.
Adding ProfileSync Custom Settings
Ultimately, it's all about prs_target_settings and prs_events.