Gets a creation token which can be used to make entity.create calls without the use of a client id and secret.

This is targeted for mobile developers who do not want to expose their credentials to untrusted (any) mobile devices. See a video demo in Postman here.

This endpoint supports the following methods:

  • GET



This endpoint supports both Basic authentication (recommended) and janrain-signed authentication.

How to Create an Authentication String

Base URL

The base URL for this endpoint is your Janrain Capture domain; for example:


Your Capture domains (also known as Registration domains) can be found in the Janrain Console on the Manage Application page:


Example Request

curl -H "Authorization: Basic aW1fYV...NfbXk=" \
    --data-urlencode type_name=user \
    --data-urlencode lifetime=3600\
    --data-urlencode for_client_id=fghi7890fghi7890\
      Running this command in Postman

Authorized Clients

  • owner 
  • access_issuer

Query Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
type_name string Yes Name of the entityType to be created.
lifetime string Length of time (in seconds) that the token remains valid. The default is one hour (3600 seconds).
for_client_id string Client ID of the client that will use the token. This is often used when you have read and write schemas configured for specific API clients.


200 OK

Response Example (application/json)

  "stat": "ok",
  "creation_token": "1234567891234567"