Accessing the Console Audit Logs

We're Moving ... Again

Yes, the Identity Cloud documentation is once more on the move. And this time we're headed to two different locations:

As for the Education Center, well, the Center itself will disappear on July 23rd. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we look forward to becoming a full-fledged member of the Akamai family.

In the Console, the new Audit Logs feature is accessed exactly the way you might expect it to be accessed: by clicking the Audit Logs link in the Console navigation pane. In other words:

Like other Console features, Audit Logs is available only if you have a role that has been assigned the proper permissions (for Audit Logs, those permissions are Allows you to read audit logs for Console user actions for an entire application and Allows you to read audit logs for Console user actions for a specific user). The following four roles have access to the Console Audit Logs:

  • Application Admin
  • Console Access Manager
  • Console Access Viewer

And, if you’re using Customer Care Portal, this role also has access to the Audit Logs (albeit only from the Manage Agents section of the Console):

  • Customer Care Portal Agent Manager

If you don’t hold one of those roles, you simply won’t see the Audit Logs link: