This call configures Social Login application properties for a given application. Use this function to bind a given application to a given provider. For example, after calling create, use this function to set up a binding to a Facebook application.

Accepted Content-types

  • application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • multipart/form-data



This endpoint supports Basic authentication. To create an authentication string, combine your API client ID, a colon (:), and your client secret into a single value. For example, if your client ID is abcdefg and your client secret is hijklmnop, that value would look like this:


Next, take the string and base64 encode it.

For example, on a Mac, you can base encode the string using this command:

echo -n "abcdefg:hijklmnop" | base64

If you’re running Microsoft Windows, you can encode the string by using a Windows PowerShell command similar to this:


The resulting value (e.g., YWJjZGVmZzpoaWprbG1ub3A=) should be used in your authentication header.

If you are making API calls using Postman, select Basic Auth as your identification type, then use the client ID as the username and the client secret as the password.

Make sure that your API client has the all the permissions (for example, the right to read user profile information) needed to complete the API call.

Base URL

The base URL for this endpoint is your application domain followed by /partner/v2; for example:


You can find your application domain in the Social Login (Engage Dashboard) on the Settings page:

Example Request

curl -X POST \
    --data-urlencode apiKey=1234567891234567891234567891234567891234\
    --data-urlencode partnerKey=9876543219876543219876543219876\
    --data-urlencode provider=google \
    --data-urlencode consumerKey=12345678912345\
    --data-urlencode secret=98765432198765\

Example Response

  "stat": "ok"

Running Code Samples Using Postman

The Janrain REST API code samples are written using Curl, but they can easily be run from within Postman. To use one of our code samples in Postman:

  1. Click the Copy to Clipboard button located directly beneath the code sample
  2. In Postman, click Import to display the Import dialog box.
  3. In the Import dialog box, click Paste Raw Text, and then paste in the copied code. The Import dialog box should look similar to this:

  4. Click Import, and the Curl command will be converted to a format that can be run from within Postman. All you need to do now is configure the command to work with your Janrain implementation.

Query Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
activtiyScopesString string Yahoo only: Set to true if the user's Yahoo application has read and write permissions for "Status" and "Updates." This enables use of Yahoo! with the Sharing solution and the associated activity and set_status API calls. Configuring the permission in the Yahoo! developer portal requires that the application's consumer key and secret be regenerated.
apiKey string Yes Your Social Login apiKey, which you can find on the Janrain Dashboard.
consumerKey string Yes This is the Consumer Key for the user's application. Each provider may implement their consumerKey a little differently, but the parameter name is the same for this API call. This parameter applies to:
  • Foursquare
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Mixi
  • MySpace
  • Orkut
  • renren
  • Salesforce
  • Sina Weibo
  • Sound Cloud
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo!
contactScopeSet string Yahoo only: Set to true if the user's Yahoo application has read permission for "Contacts." This enables the get_contacts API call for signed-in Yahoo! users. Configuring the permission in the Yahoo! developer portal requires that the application's consumer key and secret be regenerated.
email string PayPal only: enter a valid email address that is already registered with a PayPal account.
emailPerm Facebook only: Set to true if this application needs email to receive end-user email addresses.
fbAppId string Yes Facebook only: The Application Id for the user's Facebook application.
fbSecret string Yes Facebook Only: The Application Secret for the user's Facebook application.
format string The response format: either xml or json. If not specified, the response defaults to json.
liveidAppId string Yes Microsoft Account only: The Application ID for the user's Microsoft Account application.
liveidSecret Microsoft Account only: The Secret Key for the user's Microsoft Account application.
liveidPrivacyPolicyUrl string Yes Microsoft Account only: The URL for the Microsoft Account application's privacy policy.
partnerKey string Yes Your Social Login partnerKey, which you can find on the Janrain Dashboard.
paypalDisplayName string Yes PayPal only: The display name for the user's Paypal application.
provider string Yes The name of the provider to configure. This call supports these providers: 
  • google
  • facebook
  • linkedin
  • live_id
  • mixi
  • myspace
  • paypal, twitter
  • renren
  • salesforce
  • sinaweibo
  • soundcloud
  • yahoo
  • orkut
  • foursquare.
Provider specific parameters are listed below.
secret string Yes The consumer secret the user's application. Each provider may implement the secret a little differently. The parameter name is the same for every provider for this call. The supported providers are: 
  • foursquare
  • google
  • linkedin
  • mixi
  • myspace
  • orkut
  • renren
  • salesforce
  • sinaweibo
  • soundcloud
  • twitter
  • yahoo
uninstallURL string Facebook only: This is the URL that is invoked when the user uninstalls the Facebook application.
yahooAppID string Yes Yahoo only: The Application ID for the user's Yahoo application.