Deleting a User Profile

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes user profiles. Because of that, administrators have the ability to delete a user profile and, by extension, to prevent the affected user from logging on to the site (at least by using the deleted account). To delete a user profile:

  1. From the Manage Profiles page, click the user account to be deleted.
  2. On the Edit User Profile page, scroll to the bottom of the page and then click Delete Profile.
  3. In the Would you like to delete this profile? Dialog box, click Yes.

Clicking Yes deletes the account. By default, however, that same user (or any other user) can create a new account using the same email address, display name, password, etc. To prevent people from using a specific account (for example, if you don’t want anyone logging on as, don’t delete the account; instead, set the deactivateAccount attribute of the account to the current date and time (or, technically, any day and time). If anyone tries to log on using a deactivated account that logon attempt will fail:

In addition to deleting an occasional “bad” profile, you might also want to delete stale user profiles (this helps minimize the size of your user database). For example, if you search on the lastUpdated attribute, you can determine which users have not logged on in, say, the past 6 months (the lastUpdated attribute is changed each time a user logs on.) You can then delete those stale user profiles one-by-one.