Retrieve the access schema for a particular client. An access schema defines the subset of attributes to which a client has read or write access.

Refer to the Registration Error Codes section for details on error codes.

This endpoint includes the following methods:

  • GET



This endpoint supports both Basic authentication (recommended) and janrain-signed authentication.

How to Create an Authentication String

Base URL

The base URL for this endpoint is your Capture domain; for example:


Your Capture domains (also known as Registration domains) can be found in the Console on the Manage Application page:


Example Request

Get the current write access schema for a client.

curl -G -H "Authorization: Basic aW1fYV...NfbXk=" \
    --data-urlencode type_name=user \
    --data-urlencode for_client_id=0987fghi0987fghi \
    --data-urlencode access_type=write \
      Running this command in Postman

Example Response

  "schema": {
    "attr_defs": [
        "name": "id",
        "description": "simple identifier for this entity",
        "type": "id"
        "name": "uuid",
        "description": "globally unique indetifier for this entity",
        "type": "uuid"
        "name": "created",
        "description": "when this entity was created",
        "type": "dateTime"
        "name": "lastUpdated",
        "description": "when this entity was last updated",
        "type": "dateTime"
        "case-sensitive": false,
        "name": "Description",
        "length": 1000,
        "type": "string"
        "case-sensitive": false,
        "name": "Name",
        "constraints": [
        "length": null,
        "type": "string"
    "name": "user"
  "stat": "ok"

Authorized Clients

  • owner 
  • login_client 
  • direct_read_access 
  • direct_access 
  • access_issuer

Query Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
type_name string Yes Name of the entityType.
for_client_id string Yes Client ID of the client whose access schema is being returned.
access_type string Yes Type of access schema. Allowed values are:
  • read
  • write
  • read_with_token
  • write_with_token