Error Codes

Janrain Registration provides access to advanced features through an API that requires only the ability to POST HTTP requests and parse JSON responses. You can use these requests to retrieve contact data, map an identity to multiple accounts, gain access to analytics, and more. The consistent format allows you to communicate with your application and relay the results to your own site.

Error Responses

The error response always contains at least the following fields:

  • code: an integer error code.
  • error: a machine-readable string code.
  • error_description: a text description of the error.

There is a 1-to-1 relationship between the integer codes and the string codes. We provide both for your convenience.

Request Token

Whenever an API call fails (user error or unexpected error), the response includes a field called request_token, which is a generated string of 16 characters. The token is included in our internal API logs. When you submit a support ticket, you should include the request_token so that we can check our logs and find the exact API call and error.