Establishing a Monitoring Procedure

It's recommended that you periodically monitor and test the ProfileSync connector: that helps ensure that the connector is working as expected. To test the connector:

  1. Begin by setting up one or more test user profiles (that is, profiles that are used exclusively for testing purposes and are not associated with an actual user).
  2. Periodically change an attribute value in the test user profile. For example, you might change the profile's email address or mobile phone number.
  3. Based on your service level agreement and your consecutive retry level, verify that the change is replicated to the target API within the allotted timeframe. For example, suppose any changes to a Janrain user profile should be replicated to Salesforce within 60 seconds. In that case, change the user profile, wait 60 seconds, then check Salesforce to verify that the new email address or new phone number is present. If the change has been properly replicated, the ProfileSync Connector is healthy.
  4. If the change has not been properly replicated, verify that you have received notification that the event has been logged to the dead-letter-queue. If it has, then the ProfileSync Connector is healthy, and you should begin looking into reasons (a slow network connection, a changed password or client secret, a service failure at the target API) that prevented ProfileSync from completing the data transfer.