Janrain Education Center

At the Janrain Education Center, we like to fill you in on how things work. And that includes filling you in on how the Education Center itself works.


Getting Started with
the Education Center

Why an Education Center,
and what happened to the old docs site? Get the scoop here.



Improved Navigation and Organization

Make it easy to find what
you're interested in? Well, we guess that might work ....



Search That Actually Searches

Yes, we thought that having
search that actually worked
was a good idea, too.



A Beefed-Up
API Section

More code samples, Copy to Clipboard buttons, and a Postman collection. Whew!



Multimedia (Finally!)

In our defense, it's only been 25 years since the first video was streamed online. 



An All-New Glossary

To be honest, we don't know what an i18n string is either. Fortunately, the Glossary knows.