Multimedia (Finally!)

In 1493, Johannes Gutenberg first used his "moveable type" printing press. Perhaps as an homage to Gutenberg, the Janrain docs site was primarily text-only, with an occasional graphic. Or at least we think they were graphics. Sometimes it was hard to tell:

 And while we salute Gutenberg for his revolutionary achievement, it's no longer 1493 (coincidentally, the last year that the Seattle Mariners made the Major League Baseball playoffs). Consequently, we've decided (slowly but surely) to refurbish the graphics found in the Education Center. To do that, we've started to increase the size of the images (whenever possible), and we removed the gray background from each one. For example:


What's that? You say that image is still a little hard to read? Well, you're right: after all, we purposely undersized that graphic. Why? Because it gave us an excuse to do this: click on the graphic and see what happens. As you can see, we now have a few tricks up our sleeves, tricks we can use to make graphics a little more legible, and a little more useful.

And that's just for still photos. This might come as a shock to you, but nowadays they have something called "moving pictures." We haven't fully embraced this new world yet, but we're working on it:

As they say in the moving pictures business: stay tuned!