Appendix A: ProfileSync Capabilities

Technical details about ProfileSync and its capabilities are summarized in the following table:

Data Integration

ProfileSync Capability

Data frequency

Real-time data delivery by default. However, ProfileSync can also be configured to do batch delivery.

Data delivery

Carried out using webhooks and the Akamai REST APIs.

Data sent to

Any public-facing API, message queue, or file server.

Data scope

User profile creation, modifications, and deletions.

Target data format

JSON, XML, CSV or other delimiter. ProfileSync can support any data format that has a supporting library.

Transform logic

Simple transforms. Complex transforms by using services.

Plural support

Yes. (Plurals are Identity Cloud attributes that can contain multiple values.)

Consent awareness

Yes, when using Akamai ProfileConnect.


No two-way syncs, midstream external calls, custom enrichments, complex ETL (extraction, transform, load), or data analytics.