Searching for User Profiles

Do we really need an entire section on searching for users in the Janrain Console? Trust us: after you see all the cool ways you can search for users and user profiles, you'll be glad we have an entire section on searching for users and user profiles.


Console Search Fundamentals

What you search for. And
what you can't search for (or
at least not by default).



Writing a Search

As a matter, you can learn to write Console search queries. And we'll show you how.



Writing Advanced
Search Queries

For those of you who like to show off (and who like to write really powerful queries).



Running Your Search Queries

Writing search queries is fun. Running is even better.



Writing Queries by
Using Guided Search

Yes, the Console can (and,
best of all will) write search queries for you. 



Search History and Search Filters

When it comes to Console searches, why reinvent
the wheel?