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We plan to post more security- and privacy- related documents soon, so check back for updates. The one article we have posted explains how Janrain helps you comply with the GDPR.

  • Janrain and GDPR Compliance

    Learn how Janrain helps you comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Requirement.


How Well Do You Know Your Online Security Exploits?

These days, malefactors have all sorts of tools at their disposal: how well do you know what you're up against? To find out, we've listed six common attack types below; do you know what these are and what they do? Just hover the mouse over a card and see for yourself.

Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

Type of attack in which a malicious script is injected into a web site. Visitors to that site are then maliciously, and unwittingly, tricked into running the script.

Session Hijacking/Man in the Middle Attacks

Type of attack in which a hacker takes over a legitimate client-server session. This is often done by substituting the hacker's IP address for the legitimate address.

Denial of Service Attacks

Type of attack in which hundreds (if not thousands) of devices simultaneously attack a system, overwhelming and exhausting the resources of the targeted system.

Malware Attacks

Type of attack in which unwanted -- and typically malicious -- software is installed on your computer without your permission.


Type of attack in which an email, seemingly sent from a trusted source, is received by a user. Typically, the user is then tricked into revealing personal information, such as a username and password.

Password Attacks

Type of attack in which the hacker either steals a user's password or, by brute force or a planned strategy (like a dictionary attack), manages to guess that password.