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  • registration

    The place where it all begins: enabling users to log on to a website or application, then preserve and protect their personal data.

  • social login

    Enable users to log on to your website or app by using an account from an Identity Provider such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • console

    Manage your Janrain users, properties, schemas, and applications. And manage the people allowed to manage those things.

  • customer insights

    A world-class tool for making sense of your user data.

  • siem integration

    Keep up-to-date on activities such as logons, registrations, and password changes.

  • rest apis

    Programming interfaces accessible to any language or application that can call a REST API.

  • mobile integrations and sdks

    Integrate a native mobile app on the iOS or Android platforms.

  • Data Migration and Export

    How to get data into -- and back out of -- the Janrain user profile store.

  • Other Technical Resources

    Visit to download whitepapers, infographics, and other tehcnical resources.


Story Time: An Excerpt from the Janrain Technical Library

Creating a new agent is a simple process (assuming that you don’t have to worry about the permission differences between the Console and the Dashboard). To create an agent, enter the prospective agent’s email address, assign an agent role, and then click a button. That’s pretty much all you have to do.

Before we take a more detailed look at this process, however, we should mention that agents are not required to have user accounts on your web site. When an agent registers with your site he or she registers as an agent only; a regular user account (and a regular user profile) is not created for the new agent. In more concrete terms, that means you’ll see the user listed on the Manage Agents page but not on the Manage Profiles page.

Oh, and agents do not have to have accounts with specific domains or with specific email providers. Any user with a valid email address can be assigned an agent role.

— From Creating a New Agent (Janrain Console documentation)